Serge Maurice Lobreau's long road to success

Currently, the entrepreneur Serge Maurice Lobreau is recognized in the world of finance and more particularly in the world of Distributed ledger technology . With the launch of his financial solution in 2017, he marked a real turning point in his career by embarking on his own entrepreneurial adventure. But before he could get to this stage, the young man had to face many difficulties. It is a perfect illustration of a self-made man full of ambition. A look back at his life and his significant experiences.

A difficult childhood in Congo

Serge Maurice Lobreau's life began in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was born in the late 1970s in Mbuji-Mayi. It is a city located in Katanga province, generally known for its mining resources. He is a member of a big family and shares his life with his brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, at the age of barely ten, Serge Maurice Lobreau lost his grandfather. At his funeral, he met for the first time his aunt who lived in France. She took Serge and his brothers and sisters under her wing and brought them to France to give them a chance to succeed. However, administrative procedures prevent them from being able to reach their aunt quickly. The siblings then spent more than a year in the DRC capital, Kinshasa.Unfortunately, this year in Kinshasa is marked by the violence and abuses that Serge Maurice Lobreau has to face every day of his year in Kinshasa. Finally, it was in 1989 that the Congolese administration authorized the departure for France. A new beginning is then possible for the young man.

A new life in France

Serge Maurice Lobreau arrived on French territory at the beginning of his teenage years. But in just a few months, the teenager quickly became familiar with the French language and gradually acclimatized to life in France. Together with his siblings, he grew up in a suburb where delinquency is very prevalent. To avoid rushing down this path, the young man devotes his time to his studies and undertakes to work on his free time. He continued on to high school, before graduating from high school and pursuing university studies. He entered law school, while working in parallel to support himself. Through these different student jobs, Serge Lobreau meets influential people, who encourage him to engage in entrepreneurship. He first started out in events, before resuming his studies in finance until he obtained a master's degree in Finance that enabled him to find a job abroad.

The way to entrepreneurship and success

After having acquired solid experience in the world of finance, Serge Maurice Lobreau decided to return to his first passion: entrepreneurship. Thus, in 2014, he founded Sapian Group. He then proposed a financial solution called Flashmoni. In five years, the young entrepreneur has developed his project and become an influential player in finance and blockchain.

A hard worker, his greatest ambition as an entrepreneur is to give back to the community and offer financial services to those who are unbanked.

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